Congregational Care



To Anne & Brett Strozier in the death of Brett’s mother, to Patrick Strozier and Katie (Strozier) & Paul Burge in the death of their grandmother, and to Anne Marie and Alice Burge in the death of their great-grandmother, Sue Strozier, on April 14.

To Wendy Chandler in the death of her husband, Paul Chandler, on April 22.To Paula & Keith Pickens in the death of Paula’s mother, Janet Ruark, on April 27.

To Pat Hamilton and family in the death of her husband, Red Hamilton, on April 28.

To Betty Nunis and family in the death of her husband, Dr. Jimmy Nunis, on April 29.

To David, Colby, & Emma Shealy in the death of David’s wife and Colby &Emma’s grandmother, Elaine Shealy, on May 8.

To Dianne, Davor, Beth, Christopher, Lindsay, Mila, Lillian, & Brigham Luketic in the death Dianne’s mother, Beth & Christopher’s grandmother, Lindsay, Mila, & Brigham’s great grandmother, Elizabeth Hamby, on May 10.


To Scottie & Steve Vickery in the birth of their grandson, Harrison Carruth McKinney, on April 18. The proud parents are Katie & Dave McKinney.

To Holly & Ian Benge in the birth of their son, Walker Michael Benge, on April 19.

To Leslie & Kevin Cooke in the birth of their granddaughter, Selah Evelyn Johnson, on April 19. The proud parents are Mary Katherine & Hayes Johnson.

To Julie & Alex Reynolds in the birth of their son, Cannon Alexander Reynolds, on April 22.

To Kay Scharrer in the birth of her granddaughter, Azelle Rose May, on April 22. The proud parents are Rhianna & Ben May. The proud big brother is Ambrose May.

Congratulations to Kay & Tyler Dean on the birth of their daughter, Lenora “Lenny” Martha Dean, on May 10.  Proud big sister is Louisa Dean.

Congratulations to Christine & Joe Chandler on the birth of their son, William Winston Chandler, on May 13. Proud big sister is Winnie Chandler.


If you have additional information for the Congregational Care page or need any assistance with additional information, please contact Nancy Remke at 769-0107.

With permission from those families involved, Congregational Care listings include VHMC active members in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Members who are minors will only be listed with parental permission. Regarding sympathies and congratulations, related family members listed will include VHMC active members who are designated by the family representative. If you would like a printed copy of the Notes, please email Emily Forsythe.