Prayer List

Prayer Request

David Amaral Jack Hall, Jr. Rebecca Prisoc
Jeff Brown Ginny Kerns Joan Rasberry
Ed Burdick Evelyn Langford Beverly Routledge
Barbara Davis Virginia Lockhart Dan Ryder
Gene Donaldson Sue Malone Chris Savage
Janie Gause Holly Neely


Please note that names on the published prayer list will remain for three months. After three months, their names will be removed. To have these names returned to the list, they must be requested again.

Active Military

Lt. Col. Grant B. Harwell

Spec4 Parrish Nichols

Global Prayer Requests

• All of the Health Industry Workers

• All of our First Responders

• All of the families impacted with the coronavirus

• All who are struggling in these challenging times

Please let us know if you have immediate family members serving in the military.