Stations of the Cross

We hope this time and these stations help you deepen and strengthen your faith as you are reminded of Christ’s sacrifice for all of us. Please pickup a Stations of the Cross booklet at the entrance to the Columbarium, and listen to the accompanying audio as you walk the Stations. Click here to access the full audio guide playlist, or click below to listen to audio descriptions one by one.

Station 1: Jesus in the Garden

Station 2: Jesus is Betrayed

Station 3: Jesus is Condemned

Station 4: Jesus is Denied

Station 5: Jesus before Pilate

Station 6: Jesus is Scourged

Station 7: Jesus bears the Cross

Station 8: Jesus and Simon

Station 9: Jesus meets the Women

Station 10: Jesus is Crucified

Station 11: Jesus Speaks to the Thief

Station 12: Jesus Speaks to Mary and John

Station 13: Jesus Dies

Station 14: Jesus is Entombed