Seller Information

Please note, a sellers fee of $10.00 is required to offset expenses of the sale and must be paid via PayPal at the time of registration. If you decide not to sell, please notify the committee by Monday, February 12 at 5 pm to avoid being charged the registration fee. This will allow more sellers the opportunity to sell and allow for maximizing the fundraising effort the Vestavia Day School. PLEASE do not take another seller’s spot if you decide not to sell.

Because this sale is a fundraiser for the Vestavia Day School, consignors will receive 70% of their profits. The remaining 30% goes to VDS.

If you have consigned with us in the past, please login below.


If this is your first time to consign with us, please register below.

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Item Entry

For the sale to be successful for all sellers, we ask that items be new or gently used.  We will not accept items that are stained, torn, smell of smoke, are covered in pet hair, recalled, or have missing buttons, pieces or parts.  We will not accept toys that could be considered weapons.  For a more complete list of items that we do and do not welcome please reference the list below.


All inventory is entered by the consignor in MySalesManager (MSM).  To enter your items, click here.  Login using your consignor number and password that you set up at registration.  Select ‘Active Inventory’ and then select the device (either “Mobile” or “PC/Laptop”) you are using while entering your items.

Items cannot be priced lower than $2.00.  Consignors can bundle items to reach the $2.00 minimum.  When entering an item, please select the appropriate Category and enter an Item Description. Be as descriptive as possible and DO NOT use the same description for more than one item.

If you would like an item to be included in the half-price sale on Friday, check the “Discount” box.  If you do not want the price of your item reduced, leave the box unchecked.

As you enter your items they will appear in your inventory.  You can see your inventory below the Enter Items screen. You do not have to “SAVE” anything.  Each time you enter an item, it is saved automatically in your inventory.  You can enter a couple of items at a time or enter them all at once.

New this year, sellers may select items to donate. If you would like to donate an item at the end of the sale, check the “Donate” box when entering the item.

Items We Do & Do Not Accept

In the February Sale, we welcome the following SPRING and SUMMER items:

  • Swimwear
  • Sandals

In the September sale, we accept the following FALL and WINTER items:

    • Winter boots
    • Coats and jackets
    • Halloween costumes

We also accept the following YEAR ROUND items:

  • Children’s clothing, hats, and accessories (Boys – premie through size 14, Girls – premie through junior* (junior sizes 1,3,5,7,9 and 13 only)
  • Maternity clothing
  • New with tags blankets, towels and bedding
  • Dancewear and dance shoes
  • New socks (must still be in the package)
  • Children’s furniture and décor (including curtains)
  • Swings
  • Pack ‘n plays
  • Games
  • Toys (Kitchens, Slides, Riding toys, e.g. bikes, Cozy Coups, etc.)
  • Sports equipment
  • Books
  • Puzzles
  • Baby equipment
  • Swaddles
  • Baby carriers
  • Bags
  • Diaper bags
  • Strollers
  • Car seats (with expiration date printed on tag)

We DO NOT accept the following items:

  • Any recalled items
  • Drop side cribs
  • Expired car seats
  • Rock ‘n plays
  • Used socks
  • Blankets
  • Bedding (including sheets and pillows)
  • Bumpers
  • Nap mats
  • Towels
  • Stuffed animals
  • Baskets
  • Diaper genies
  • Bathtubs
  • Potty seats
  • Cribs manufactured before January 1, 2014
  • CDs or DVDs
  • Used towels, bedding and blankets


All items must be tagged prior to check-in.  To print tags, go to the quick link above or click here.

Securely pin tags with small SAFETY PINS to the front LEFT shoulder of the garment. Please make sure the hook is turned AWAY from the tag. Both safety pins should be located at the top of the hanger. Pants must be pinned on the TOP of the hanger.  Make sure they are NOT going to slide down the hanger. For any clothing that cannot be hung directly on the hanger itself, it is important to secure the item with safety pins. It will keep the items from falling off the hanger and potentially being lost and/or losing its tag. See diagram below.

If using a tagging gun, please tag on the clothing tag or in a seam so no holes are created with the tag gun. We ask that you use card stock if using a tag gun, as regular paper tends to tear when hanging from a plastic tag.

Bagged items (shoes, toys with small pieces, hair accessories, et. al) should be secured in Ziploc bags with the tag taped on the outside in an easy to scan location. Use CLEAR packing tape and DO NOT cover the barcode.  Items with more than one Ziploc should have a tag taped to each bag.  Toys with small pieces should be sealed in Ziploc bags and taped shut and attached to the largest piece.  Hardware used for assembly should also be included and attached to the items in a Ziploc.  Previous experience indicates that items sell better fully assembled when possible. Please DO NOT place tags inside bags, as that makes it hard for shoppers to see. When taping tags on items that cannot be hung, please do not tape over the barcode.

Drop Off

You can help us speed up the check-in process by following the instructions below. We know your time is valuable, and we do not want you to stay any longer than necessary.

    • WHEN: Monday & Tuesday
    • WHERE: Vestavia Methodist Lighthouse Gym
  1. Park in the Lighthouse parking lot. Carts and volunteers may be available to make bringing in items easier. Carts and volunteers available on a first-come-first-service basis. Bring items to the check in table in the Lighthouse Lobby.
  2. At the table, you will receive your seller pass and verify your contact information. Pick up for unsold items not marked donate will be held on Saturday, February 23 from 8:00-10:00 am. Any items not picked up by 10:00 am will be donated.
  3. A WOAS Committee Member will take your items to a check-in station inside the gym. It is imperative you arrive at your scheduled drop off time to prevent delays. If you come at a different time, we cannot assure your items will be checked in at the time of your arrival, and you may have to wait. During check in, we will be looking to be sure all items are in acceptable condition and meet all criteria for the sale. WOAS reserves the right to return any inventory that is unacceptable based on the guidelines outlined in the seller information.

After your items are checked in, a WOAS Committee Member will find you in the lobby to let you know all items are checked in and ready for the sale. You will be able to check the status of your inventory on Thursday and Friday through the Consignor Homepage link.

Pick Up

  1. As soon as the sale ends on Friday at 1:00 PM, we will generate the final settlement report. Sellers will receive an email when the report is ready. At that time, you will be able to go to the Consignor Homepage located on the website to see any unsold inventory.
  2. When you arrive to pick up your unsold items, give your name and consignor number to a volunteer who will get your items for you.
  3. You can bring your Unsold Inventory Report with you to compare the items you are picking up. We will have this printed for you as well.
  4. Any discrepancies must be filed with the Head of the Whale of a Sale Committee before you leave the gym on Saturday. Please remember this sale is the one and only fundraiser for Vestavia Day School. We work hard to ensure a successful sale to support the school. VDS has used money raised from Whale of a Sale to purchase new classroom material and decor, books, shades over the playground and more.
  5. Any items not picked up by 10:00 am on Saturday, February 24 will be donated to Oak Mountain Missions. Donation occurs immediately following the end of pick up, so please be on time to pick up.
  6. Any inventory you pick up that you would like to donate can be placed on the left side in the Lighthouse Lobby. Volunteers for Oak Mountain Missions will be sorting items there to place with families in need. Please know that your donations are greatly appreciated.

Volunteer Information

We are excited about the upcoming sale and look forward to seeing all of our volunteers. Volunteers are the reason we are able to continue Whale of a Sale each year. Although volunteering is not a requirement for sellers, we encourage all sellers to sign up for a shift to ensure we have a great sale.

As they have in previous years, volunteers will be permitted to shop first!  The Whale of a Sale is a huge undertaking that without our volunteers would not be successful.

Volunteers who sign up to work on Friday will receive a Golden Ticket to the next sale which allows for shopping before volunteers, sellers and early shopping pass ticket holders.