2022 – The Year to Serve

Our yearly focus for 2022 will be The Year to Serve. Each month, there is a theme that centers around weekly serve opportunities and weekly Bible verses. This will enable our church family to serve and learn together.

Every week on “Mission Monday”, we will share the Serve Opportunity and Bible verse on social media. That is 52 weeks and 52 serve opportunities in 2022. Each of the serve opportunities will give you a chance to engage in missions with family members, Sunday School classes, small groups, or by yourself.

During the Year to Serve, I encourage you to share what God shows you through your service. Our hope and prayer for the upcoming year is that God will be seen in all that we do and that we, along with the recipients of our service, experience God like never before.

Month by Month


As we kick off Year to serve, join us in a month of prayer to ask for guidance while serving in the year ahead.


Two of the greatest commandments in the Bible are Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind & Love your neighbor as Yourself.



The third month in our year to serve is focused on homelessness.



April is about feeding and nourishment, not only physically but also spiritually.


This month’s theme is about mothers and family.  Throughout the month of May, VHUMC will have a variety of opportunities that will support our theme.


This month’s theme is focused on our youth and students at VHUMC. Summer is an exciting time for them as they are able to go on mission trips and serve in many different ways. During this time, it is a great opportunity for them to learn more about missions and serving others. We will plant the seeds and see where they bloom.


This month’s theme is Christmas in July. If you haven’t been able to serve yet this year, now is the time to start. Whether you only have time to make a financial donation, or you have time to shop for toys for children or pack a Christmas Shoebox, this is the month to get plugged in.


Our theme this month is focused on schools and teachers.  Our teachers work so hard to provide for our students each and every day.   Our Bible verses to learn together this month are based on teaching and training.


Our theme this month is Disaster Relief. The month of September is a time when natural disasters are more prevalent in the world. This month each week will have a serve opportunity that helps others in case of a natural disaster.


This month’s theme is based on the world, our community, and our 70 years of serving in Vestavia.  As good stewards of what Jesus has given us, we are able to serve others in this community as well as across the world.


This month’s theme for the Year to Serve is about thankfulness and gratitude. There are many ways to practice thankfulness and to be grateful for even the little things in life. We hope this month, the serve opportunities will bless you and your family and those that you will be serving this month.


Our last month in our Year to Serve is focused on Care & Support.  There are a few suggestions of ways to serve this month, but there are many serve opportunities during this time of year, so take this time as the end years to care and support those around you.