The Year to Serve – December

Our last month in our Year to Serve is focused on Care & Support.  There are a few suggestions of ways to serve this month, but there are many serve opportunities during this time of year, so take this time as the end years to care and support those around you.

The first week of our Care & Support monthly focus serve opportunity is to check on your neighbors during the holiday season.  Suggestions for checking on your neighbor include visit your neighbors, take them a home cook meal, send a note or pick up the phone and call them to say hello.

A long time event that has occurred for many years at VHUMC is one of serving those that are taking care of the sick at Brookwood Hospital on Christmas Eve.  Our little Christmas elves pack goody bags and deliver to the nurses and doctors on call Christmas Eve.  Join the group and deliver Christmas cheer to those that are serving others that night.

This year as more people are out and about, some still have not returned to church since the pandemic.  This week’s opportunity is one of invitation.  Take the time this week to invite someone to join you for a Christmas eve service.

You can also volunteer to serve and visit someone that is homebound or in a retirement facility.  Try and make it a whole family event and have the children make cards of love to give to them when you visit.

Even though Christmas is behind us this week and our year long focus of serving others is coming to a close, we hope this last year has introduced new ways for you to show God’s love by being the hands and feet of Christ.  VHUMC hopes that this year of service has left you wanting more, wanting to help and serve more and wanting to go that next step in discipleship.  Our last serve opportunity as a church family for 2022 is for everyone to make God Love You or Praying for you Cards to be included in Treasure Boxes for our Grief Support Ministry.  What better way to show God’s love when someone is missing a loved one over the holidays than by reminding them of God’s love and promises for them.

As we conclude this year’s Year To Serve, remember there is always a way to serve others whether it be at work, at home or in your community.  Just pray to God and ask him to show you where he wants you to serve, His way is always the right way.