The Year to Serve – June

This month’s theme is focused on our youth and students at VHUMC.  Summer is an exciting time for them as they are able to go on mission trips and serve in many different ways.  During this time, it is a great opportunity for them to learn more about missions and serving others.  We will plant the seeds and see where they bloom.

Sign up to get van trained at VHUMC.  Once van trained and a certified driver, you can volunteer to drive for numerous opportunities at VHUMC.

Host a bake sale and donate canned goods during our VBC week.  The bake sale proceeds can benefit our food pantry along with the canned food donations.

This week’s opportunity involves making a visit to our Farmer’s Market and supporting our local farmers.  Since this opportunity is around Father’s day, why not invite your father or a “father” figure/ mentor that has been a part of your life to the market and out to lunch as your treat.


This week’s serve opportunity is focused on our students and adults that will be leaving to serve on an ASP mission trip.  Please lift them up this week and in the weeks ahead in prayer.