The Year to Serve – October

This month’s theme is based on the world, our community, and our 70 years of serving in Vestavia.  As good stewards of what Jesus has given us, we are able to serve others in this community as well as across the world.

Bake cookies for Kairos Ministry. When volunteers enter the prison to serve during a Kairos weekend, the people they serve love to receive a homemade treat, like a cookie. This week you can serve by baking cookies and delivering them to the main church office to be given to those in prison.

One of the biggest expenses is cleaning supplies.  Can you imagine having a house full of 20+ girls and keeping it all clean?  This week you can help offset some of those expenses as we will collect cleaning supplies to be donated to Grace House Ministry and other Foster Care ministries in the community.  All supplies can be brought to the VHUMC Missions office.

This week’s serve opportunity is one of gratefulness and gratitude.  Take an opportunity to thank the Good Lord for our church for over 70 years in this community.  Many lives have been touched over the past 70 years because of VHUMC, and we all thank God.

This week’s serve opportunity is to donate either a coat or make a financial contribution to Mae Mae’s Hugs.

During the week of Halloween and after it is over, VHUMC will be collecting any unwanted candy to be given to our veterans in the Birmingham community.  Donation bins will be around the church for collection of candy.