Thrive Ministry Changes

Dear Friends of Vestavia Hills UMC,

We are excited to announce some changes in job responsibilities and titles in Thrive Student Ministries!

Emily Boles is moving into her new role as Director of Family Ministries. She will still do some work with Thrive, but will primarily supervise our staff who oversee children, students, and recreation.

Rev. Jeremiah Stone will continue his role as Pastor to Students, but will also be the Director of Thrive Student Ministries.

Kenzie Butler will be the Assistant Director of Student Ministries with an increased role in both planning and programming oversight.

Miles Erbe will continue to coordinate our Upward Sports, but will begin working with Thrive Student Ministries in discipling students and assisting with games and events.

We want all of our staff to spend as much relational time with students as possible. To accomplish that goal, everyone’s first job description will be “To equip the laity to do the ministry of the church.” We are inviting every parent, grandparent, and adult volunteer to invest in the lives of our youth. All of you, not our staff, will make the greatest contribution to the faith of our students and their friends in the course of their lifespan. Simply stated, your children need you, and need other adults. The involvement of many adults will free our staff to build relationships with your students and guide them spiritually.

Starting with Discovery 2020, we are modifying our planning process to include as many lay leaders and volunteers as possible, helping laity find their place in planning and service. This will become the model for all of our student ministries, from Sunday School, to small groups, to retreat weekends. Our staff would love to engage you in conversation about your strengths and passions, to help you find your “Christ-centered life of purpose.”

We are honored to be your pastors. Thank you for the privilege of sharing ministry in this part of God’s world.

Rev. Dr. Bill Brunson, Senior Pastor
Rev. Dr. Kipp McClurg, Executive Pastor