Summer Days Policies


Final changes to any enrollment (including lunches) must be finalized by May 1, at 5:30 pm. No refunds will be issued past this day for camp cancellations. However, Extended Care may be added with 2 weeks notice before camp begins.

Sunscreen Policy

Please apply sunscreen liberally to your child before leaving home every morning, even if it looks like rain. Sunscreen application should become a routine for camp. Our camp takes sunscreen application seriously and we make a point to have campers re-apply throughout the day. Waterproof and sweat proof sunscreens work well for a busy camp day.
Please send your camper with a tube of sunscreen labeled with his or her name each day. Our staff will remind campers to reapply it often.

Medication Administration

In order for Summer Days to administer prescription medication and over the counter medication (including sunscreen) you must complete and sign a Medication Administration form available when you check your child in. Please note:

  • This form is only valid for one week.
  • Prescription medication must be in its original container with pharmacy label including name of child to whom we are administering medication and the proper dosage.
  • Over the counter medications must be in the original container with the proper dosage on the label. If the label states that the medicine should not be taken for children under a certain age, a doctor’s note may need to be provided in order for Summer Days to administer the medicine.
  • If a measuring device is required, please provide it.
  • Medication is administered by the Day School Director, Assistant Day School Director, or the Summer Days Coordinator.
  • We will keep all medicine (with the exception of an Epi Pen) in a locked box.

Behavior Policy

At Summer Days, it is our intent that each child enjoys the activities planned in a safe and nurturing environment. Any camper conduct, either individually or in a group, that is intentionally disruptive to or designed to be disruptive to the normal operation of the camp program may result in being sent home early from camp. Such conduct includes but is not limited to the following: destruction of camp property, refusing to cooperate or intentionally being disrespectful with camp staff, Ignoring or disobeying camp rules, physically or verbally harming others. For all behaviors mentioned above, parents will be contacted by the camp director and a behavior report will be written and sent home the day of occurrence. Depending on severity, parent may be asked to pick up child immediately. If a child has 5 or more behavior reports sent home, a one day suspension will follow. If unacceptable behavior occurs upon return to Summer Days, the camp director reserves the right to remove the child from the program.

Efforts to improve your child’s behavior must have support from home. If your child has chronic behavior problems, you may expect to receive calls at home or at work. We need your cooperation in dealing with and correcting unacceptable behavior.

Lice Policy

Head lice are an unfortunate fact of life for many school-age children. Please assist us by checking your child’s head before he/she begins camp and periodically thereafter. Children found to have live lice or nits (lice eggs) cannot be allowed at camp until all nits and lice are removed and treated. Campers found to have lice or nits will be sent home for appropriate treatment. Furthermore, our policy requires that any child treated for lice must be nit-free to re-enter camp. Please help us by reminding your child not to share hats, combs, brushes, or towels.