Thank you Vincent!

Next Wednesday, March 1, we will celebrate Vincent Campbell’s 30th anniversary of working at VHMC! We are very grateful to Vincent for so many years of faithful service.

Vincent’s mother, Brenda, preceded him in working for the church and served here for 22 years. Vincent started in 1993 at 29 years old. Since then, his brother, Jay, and sister, Janice, have also worked for the church. Janice is in her 24th year of serving in the kitchen. We are grateful to the whole Campbell family for helping the church in many ways over many years.

Vincent’s younger years were difficult, and he struggled with drug addiction in his twenties. Rev. John Rutland and his wife Mary worked to get him into rehab programs and first suggested that he contact Dennis Flowers about a job at the church. Fortunately, the pastoral care, rehab, and the job helped him to clean up.

Over the thirty years here, Vincent has worked under five different senior pastors starting with Joe Elmore. He has mainly helped with cleaning, grounds projects, and room set-ups/teardowns. He has also learned a lot about demolition and the building trades. He is fondly known by our staff and members for his friendly attitude and his willingness to help the church in whatever way is needed. His goal is to always pitch in and help immediately when something is asked of him.

Jim Frazier remembers Vincent helping to move his family from Tuscaloosa to VHMC when Jim was transferred here in 1996. Jim also spent many hours playing basketball with Vincent – a love they both shared. Until Vincent tore his Achilles tendon (playing basketball), he always envisioned himself as a 6’5” star center when Jim said he was really “just a good 5’7” guard.”

Sharon Lovell shared how well Vincent has cared for his family. Along with his wife, Sally, he not only has raised eight children and 13 grandchildren, but he takes care of his mother and frequently assists his brother and sister.

Vincent is very conscientious about his work. He is very reliable and faithful in his responsibilities. He is a great team player and gets along well with everyone. He is always friendly and always smiling. He consistently likes his job here and really enjoys visiting with all the staff and members – and he knows just about everyone.

Vincent currently works Wednesday through Sunday each week, so look for Vincent the next time you are here and thank him for 30 years of dedicated work for the church.